Office Chairs

Office chairs are not simply chairs to support one in a seated position. They are specifically designed to promote perfect posture while providing excellent comfort whilst spending time at your office space. Now they come in a wide array of styles, each of which is made for a particular function in a workplace. It is therefore, advisable to buy chairs that support the neck, head, shoulders and back.

The Various types of Office Chairs

Task Chairs

These are the most common chairs in offices. They are extremely basic in design and have wheels or casters at the bottom. Another feature is the swivel that allows it to rotate in all directions. These are a good option in offices where they have to be used by a number of people. The advantages of task chairs are that the height of the chairs can be easily adjusted to match the convenience and comfort level of different people. And that is why these chairs are highly popular in such a work environment, and also the fact that they are quite economical than most of the other chairs.

Executive Chairs

They are quite similar to task chairs, for the fact that they can rotate in all directions and have casters and wheels attached to the bottom of the chair. However, these chairs are much more comfortable and convenient to sit on, and also have a higher backrest as compared to the task chairs. This is basically due to the additional padding on the seat. Another advantage of this chair is the additional padding on the armrest. Also, the angle of the backrest can be adjusted according to the convenience of a person. The only disadvantage is that these additional features of the chair make it more expensive than other types of chairs. These chairs are used in an environment, where only top executives work.

Ergonomic Chairs

These are specifically designed to provide maximum support to the back. They are advisable for people who have constant back pain, or have spine problems. However, anyone who yearns for comfort while working for long hours in office, must go for this chair. These chairs also have various settings that can adjust the height of the headrest, armrests and a wide array of other things that help to give comfort, that can be barely matched by any other chair. One of the best things is that theses chairs provide appropriate support to the lower back and also help to maintain the right posture.

Guest Chairs

These type of office chairs are just meant for the visitors and guests who come to the office for a short span of time. The drawbacks of these chairs are that they offer absolutely no flexibility and they also do not come with any adjustable features. Also, they are not meant for sitting on and working for long hours and they do not even have wheels attached to the bottom. They are made up of hard plastic or wood and are known as reception chairs. Creative work environment use these type of office chairs to create a look that reflects the shades of a specific brand or enterprise logo itself.

Conference Chairs

These are also known as boardroom chairs and they come in several designs, that are basically meant for use in conference rooms in the office for carrying out various presentations and meetings. Conference chairs look wonderful and add to the appeal of the boardroom. However, they are not very comfortable like ergonomic chairs. They also lack adjustment settings and mobility that are present in some of the other chairs.

Stacking Chairs

These chairs are designed in a way that they can be stacked upon one another. This in turn makes it easier to store these chairs when not in use. They are basically mounted on a steel frame and are made up of hard plastic. These office chairs come in a wide array of attractive shades that are versatile. Stacking chairs can be used for several purposes. In an office environment, they are specifically used in the cafeteria or canteen. Since they do not have wheels or castors, they are fairly light as and mobile.

Office Chairs: Summing Up

With the growing number of desk jobs, sitting in an office for long hours has become inevitable, and therefore a right chair at workplace can make a person love hi/her workstation, which will automatically lead to increased productivity and profits.